Brick Maker Game

Brick Maker Game



Brick Maker Game

Match the items to make building blocks for the construction workers in this bubble type game.

Certified Spyware and Adware Free


Aim using the mouse and fire with the left mouse button. (Touch screens can be also be used.) Match the items to drop the raw matirials onto the conveyor belt to make the appropriate bulding block. Clear the playfield of all items to complete the consignment order and progress to the next level.

There are many levels on offer, some easier than others but you can save your game progress. Note: Browsers which are set to clear history on closing are also likely to clear any saved games you may have.

The Windows version is a little more slick. It does not suffer the same platform limitations impossed by the HTML5 platform so its graphics are smother and it runs a little swifter. The Windows version contains just the game files and nothing extra. It includes install and full uninstall, which even removes any game save files created by the game to give you a cleaner uninstall.

License Freeware
Platform Windows Only
Brick Maker For Windows More Info
(Download includes full uninstall)

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