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Wonder Worm

Wonder Worm is based on the classic Windows Snake Game. Eat the fruit to grow your body but avoid solid obstacles like walls and trees or running into yourself. The exit is unblocked when all the fruit is eaten.

Wonder Worm has 7 worlds to explore, each of which contains several levels. The first world consists of 5 trainer levels which can be used as practice levels or skipped to play the game for real. Completing the last level in each world give access to a bonus level and also unlocks the levels in the next world.


Later levels introduce scorpions and rats, both of which are partial to a meal of worm. Wonder worm is immune to the sting of a scorpion but not to its sharp pincers. Rats are more intelligent than scorpions and can sniff out a meal even from behind. Both scorpions and rats will try to intercept you in their quest for a tasty meal. Wonder worm will survive so long as a few body segments remain. Should a rat or scorpion eat part of your body you will need to eat more fruit in order to unlock the exit.

License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
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