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Brick Maker

A new housing development is underway which requires bricks and building blocks of several types. Your task is to produce the necessary bricks to keep up with the demand. There is no time limit as such however the production line continues and failing to keep up may cause the machinery to get clogged or jammed.

All control is via the mouse or touch screen. Aim the robot launcher using the mouse and fire using the left mouse button. All you have to do is clear the playfield of sacks to complete the delivery consignment and progress to the next level — Simplezzzz.
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Bonus levels are also on offer to those who do well.
Clearing the levels swiftly can cause a shortage of sacks, requiring you to help out in the sack production department.

Brick Maker also features an online global high score table. Can you get your name in the Hall of Fame?
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
(Includes full uninstall)

An online (HTML5) version can be found at if you wish to try it out first.
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