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Web Animation Collection

It comprises of many different sized animations, categorized to make viewing and extraction of those of interest easy. These animations have been collected over the course of several years from many different publicly available resources on the Internet to create a stunning collection.

These animations are ideally suited for web-pages, games and apps.

None of the animations contained any copyright notices or came from any sites which claimed copyright. The original author makes no claims on them and as such they may be freely used and distributed in any manner you choose.

This archive has been compiles and made freely available with the desire that many others will gain some pleasure from it. If that is the case then I would like to ask you to pass on your happiness or good fortune, or as some say "Pass it forward".

Just do something nice for someone else, it doesn't matter about religion, color, beliefs, nationality or looks as we are all one people on this miniscule speck of sand that we call earth.

If you see someone in trouble then stop and try to help, give food to someone hungry, help someone up who has fallen, give directions to someone who looks lost. If every person helped one other person each day then we would indeed have our own paradise.

Every journey starts with one small step, so why not start yours today.
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