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Level Selector Tutorial (Studio)

This tutorial shows you how to build and customize a Game Level Selection Menu for your games and optionally create a level locking system, preventing some levels being selected until certain tasks or levels have been completed.

It is sometimes desirable to allow the player to select a level to play rather than force them to go back and play the game from the first level each time. The Level Selector Menu allows a number of worlds (these can be lands, locations, buildings etc in your game) each of which contains levels the player can complete.

The Level Selector allows an (almost) unlimited number of Worlds, each of which can contain an (almost) unlimited number of levels. To keep the control aspect simple both the keyboard and mouse are supported. To cater for touch-screen devices only the left mouse button is used. Although the Level Selector is written extensively in GML and uses arrays, only minimal knowledge of GML is required to use it and this step by step tutorial is here to assist you in customizing it to fit your game.

View an Online Demo of it in action.

License: Freeware (Open Source)
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