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Jigsaw Maker Source (GM8.1)

The Jigsaw Game Tutorial comes with a ready compiled Jigsaw Maker which enables you to create different shaped jigsaw pieces from your own images. This download contains the Game Maker source code used to compile the Jigsaw Maker program.

The source code for the Jigsaw Maker program is released as Freeware without warranty. You may freely use or modify it to suit your own needs however keep in mind Game Maker has evolved since its creation using GM8.1 back in 2012.

The Jigsaw Maker program creates jigsaw pieces from images you supply by using a shape mask to "chop them" to create individual pieces without missing sections or any including and overlapping areas.

Important Notes:
  • This is NOT a Tutorial.
    The source code contains extensive comments however there is no accompanying documentation with the download.
  • Game Maker 8.1 Registered is required.
    The Jigsaw Maker Source uses (requires) functions which are unavailable in GM8.0 or any Unregistered versions of Game Maker. For this reason it was supplied as a ready compiled program with the tutorial.
  • Unsuitable for Game Maker Studio
    Due to functionality differences plus the fact Studio made games are Sandboxed the Jigsaw Maker source code would require extensive re-writing to get it to work at all and even then it would not work on all target platforms.
The Jigsaw Maker Program uses an image containing the mask shapes to dynamically create sprites from by laying each mask piece over a section of the supplied image and making a specific color transparent. It was created as a tool to accompany the tutorial so its sizes are fixed. It is entirely possible to change the number of pieces and sizes of the jigsaw. providing the direntions are kept mathematically sound.

The Jigsaw Maker source code is released for those who are interested in making their own custom jigsaw sizes or those who are intrigued as to how it works. It can be opened with an Unregistered version of GameMaker8.1 or imported into Studio however it uses some advanced functions and techniques and will not run on either of these platforms.

When altering it keep in mind the Jigsaw Game Tutorial uses mathematics to calculate when each piece is in its correct position. Similarly the Jigsaw Maker uses the same mathematics to create a sprite strip from an image comprising of all the pieces in a specific order. If you alter the size of the jigsaw or number of pieces it contains then you must match this in your game code.
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