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Jigsaw Game Tutorial

Jigsaw puzzle games are often used within games as challenges because they are simple to include but they can also be games in their own right. The difficulty is not so much in the mechanics but in creating the graphics or, more accurately, creating uneven looking pieces so they meet seamlessly.

This tutorial demonstrates how to create your own point and click jigsaw puzzles in Game Maker using your own pictures. Several jigsaw templates are provided together with detailed instructions to allow you to create your own custom shape mask templates.

In this tutorial the mathematics of operation has already been worked out for you however creating a jigsaw game using ready made images is not as much fun as creating one using your own pictures.

This tutorial focuses on helping you to create graphics which fit the game mechanics, and is supplied with a ready compiled Jigsaw Maker program to enable you to create different shaped jigsaw pieces from your own images.
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