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Virtual Keyboard Tutorial

Many games require the ability to accept user input. Not all devices have a physical keyboard however and use their own built-in virtual keyboard which is impossible to customize.

In order to be cross-platform compatible, games (or application) must not block the client device it is running on pending user input – if the device was a phone it could block an incoming call! Game Maker Studio contains Asynchronous functions which allow messages to be displayed and accept user input without halting game execution however these cannot be customized.

This tutorial will show you how to create your own virtual keyboard object which can be used to accept input by the mouse / touch or a physical keyboard. It does not halt the game and can be customized to become part of the game or application itself.
Key Features
  1. Input does not halt game execution.
  2. Cross Platform Compatibility – Even HTML5 can use it!
  3. Allow input of letters and number
  4. Allow input of letters only
  5. Allow input of numbers only (including decimals)
  6. Specify the maximum number of characters
  7. Also supports a physical keyboard (if present)
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