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Games » ShuffleBomb2

If you like Match 3 type puzzle games we think you will LOVE this match 3 game, ShuffleBomb2.

The object is to match 3 or more of the same item in a row across or down to remove them from the play field. Clearing the play field allows you to progress to the next level. ShuffleBomb2 contains hundreds of challenging levels which become progressively harder so it is suitable for all ages. The controls could not be simpler; the mouse moves the mouse pointer and the left button selects an item.

Games » Pyramid Collapse

Pyramid Collapse Game For Windows

Untold riches await the intrepid explorer of the pyramid. Do you have what it takes to solve its collapse and Hidden Object Puzzles to gain access to its many secret chambers?

Pyramid Collapse is an  Egyptian themed collapse game to challenge the brain.
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