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Sounds » Sound Effects Collection

Need some sound effects for your games? Then look no further.
This collection of sound effects has been gathered form various sources on the internet, none of which claimed any copyright info or restriction of use.

Freeware Games » Boxie Match

BoxieMatch is an exciting new match2 / memory puzzle game? Select two boxes to swap them and examine their contents. Some items you need to collect whilst others you need to avoid. The more items you match the greater the score.

Utilities » Jigsaw Maker Source (GM8.1)

The Jigsaw Game Tutorial comes with a ready compiled Jigsaw Maker which enables you to create different shaped jigsaw pieces from your own images. This download contains the Game Maker source code used to compile the Jigsaw Maker program.

The source code for the Jigsaw Maker program is released as Freeware without warranty. You may freely use or modify it to suit your own needs however keep in mind Game Maker has evolved since its creation using GM8.1 back in 2012.

Web Applications » S4M Global High Score System

Many games maintain a high score table, usually displaying the top ten players for that game on that system. These scores are local to that system. A global high score table contains the top scores achieved by all players of that game title, which can be a great incentive to play. You may think you have done done really well, only to discover others have out-classed you.

The S4M High Score System is designed for use with Game Maker Studio to enable you to run and maintain the top scores for an unlimited number of game titles.

Tutorials (GM8) » Level Selector Tutorial

This tutorial is aimed at Novice GML users but intermediate users may also find it some sections useful. This tutorial shows you how to build and customize a Game Level Selection Menu for your games and optionally create a level locking system, preventing some levels being selected until certain tasks or levels have been completed.
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