Level Selector Example
For Game Maker Studio

Level Selectore Example and Tutorial For Game MakerStudio


Level Selector Menu Example

Game Level Selector Menu for Game Maker Studio.


Supports Unlimited Worlds containing unlimited levels and it's 100% free to do with as you please.
Level Selector Tutorial and Source Codel Download

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The supplied tutorial is for Game Maker Studio Standard, Professional or Master. Game Maker Studio Standard is now the Free version which can be downloaded from YoYo Games Site.


When creating a game containing several levels or locations it is sometimes desireable to allow the player to select one of them to play rather than forcing them to start from the begining or simply continue where they left off.

Some games of this nature have Worlds or Locations, each of which contain levels to play in that world. Whilst it is easy to cater for games with only a handful of levels it can become harder to phsyically fit the selectors on the display screen, particularly if the game is played on a small screen, such as a mobile device.

This tutorial will show you how to create your own Level Selection Menu allowing the player to select a level to play. It also includes a versitile level locking system which you can use to prevent specific levels from being selected until a specific criteria is met. (Previous level compleated, atask accomplished or score attained etc.)

Key Features

  1. Unlimited Worlds, Lands or Groups containing a variable number of Levels
  2. Optional Level Locking system, preventing some levels from being selected.
  3. Mouse or Touch controlled, no keyboard required.
  4. Changeable thumbnail images to suit your own game.
  5. Cross Platform Compatibility – Even HTML5 can use it!

And it is terribly easy to use them in your games!

Better yet - it is 100% FREE with no credit or acknowledgement required!

Level Selector Menu Source Code and Tutorial Download

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