Custom Messages Example
For Game Maker Studio

Custom Messages For GM Studio


Custom Messages Example

Interactive custom messages for games and applications with various options.


Easy to use, simple to customize and it's 100% free to do with as you please.
Custom Messages Source Code and Tutorial Download

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The supplied tutorial is for Game Maker Studio Standard, Professional or Master. Game Maker Studio Standard is now the Free version which can be downloaded from YoYo Games Site.


Select a button option to explore how custom messages can be displayed in a game or application which do not halt the game execution. The example does not contain a game as such but notice how the game action is paused when displaying a message without actually halting the game execution.

Many games require the ability to display information to the player and although Game Maker Studio contains functions which allow you to do this, the message windows are produced by the OS for the target platform, cannot be customized and cause the game to lose focus.

In order to be cross-platform compatible, games (or application) must not block the client device it is running on pending user input. If the device was a phone it could block an incoming call! Game Maker Studio contains Asynchronous functions which allow messages to be displayed and accept user input without halting game execution however these cannot be customized.

This tutorial will show you how to create your own message objects which you can customize to suit your game. You can create them as fake pop-up windows or, as in this example have them scale in and out.

Key Features

  1. Messages do not halt game execution.
  2. Cross Platform Compatibility – Even HTML5 can use it!
  3. Message text color can be customized.
  4. Optional Windows style "Close X" button.
  5. Timed messages without a custom confirmation button.
  6. Supports up to three option buttons per message.
  7. Custom button caption text for each button.

And it is terribly easy to use them in your games or applications too!

Better yet - it is 100% FREE with no credit or acknowledgement required!

Custom Messages Source Code and Tutorial Download

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