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Downloadable Extensions For GM7 & GM8


What is a Game Maker Extension?

Game Maker® is popular games creation software produced by YoYo Games which enables the creation of computer games. Game Maker is a comipler with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) allowing games to be created using Drag 'n' Drop actions or coding/ GM Versions 7 & 8 compile specifically for the Windows platform and although the Pro version is rich in functonality its capablilitescan be extended by the addition of extensions.

Extensions can consist of libraries, files and code which can be included in the compiled games from the Game Maker creation program. As the name suggests Extensions allow you to extend the functions and capabilities offered by Game Maker. Extensions can for example add functionallity which currently does not exist or simply give a speedier method of implentation. Often code in extensions will execute faster.

GM Extensions can extend the GML coding language to give additional functions but can also add drag and drop icons to perform tasks, so you don't need to be an expert to use them.

Note: you must have a registered verion of Game Maker 7 or 8 to use extensions.
(This extension is not suitable for Game Maker Studio.)

Shareware Extension

Shareware Extension For GM8.x

Software distributors often offer a try before you buy option. These are classed as Shareware, Demo or Trial. Shareware differs slightly from the last two because it allows anyone to distribute an application as a trial version that can be converted to a full version. Demo and trial versions often require an additional download.

Now you too can offer a try before you buy option to your games without even knowing a stick of code with the Shareware Extension. A single drag and drop icon is all you need to start.

Shareware Extension for GM8 Free Download

MD5 Extension

MD5 Extension For GM8.x

MD5 is a one-way encryption algorithm widely used in the software world. Many systems use MD5 encryption provide some assurance that a transferred file has arrived intact and also for password storage and verification. The original password is not kept but instead an MD5 hash string created, often together with a secret "salt" which only the system knows. to provide some assurance that a transferred file has arrived intact.

Unix-based operating systems include MD5 sum utilities in their distribution packages, whereas Windows users use third-party applications. Android ROMs also utilize this type of checksum.

Now you too can use MD5 encryption in your Game Maker made games and applications, using either GML coding or Drag and Drop icons.

MD5 Extension for Game Maker8 Free Download
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