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Add a timed trial to your GM game
The easy way with the Shareware Extension.

Now you too can implement "try before you buy"
functionality to your game using a single Action!

And it is free to download and use.

Games often offer a free 60 minute trial allowing the player to evaluate the game. If they like it they can purchase a license code winch unlocks the game, turning it into a full version.

Creating an evaluation trial which is fair for the player and author alike used to be a challenge. On the one hand it must be flexible enough to give the player a fair crack at the game yet it must also prevent them from exceeding their trial time or re-installing the game to gain additional time.

The Shareware Extension is designed to do just that AND
A single drag and drop icon is all you need to start a trial for your game.

Adding a free trial to your game used to involve adding lots of code or creating two versions of your game. The trouble with having two versions is ensuring game save data from both remains compatible, which often means creating your own data save routines.

Game Maker Extensions allow you to add functionality and using this extension allows you to do what many commercial games do. You can offer a 60 minute trial (playable over days, weeks or months) which can be turned into a full version game by simply entering a license code.

And you can do it using GML or Drag and Drop actions!

NOTE: You must have Game Maker Pro Version 7.x or greater to use Extensions

The Shareware Extension Offers:

  • You set the playing time to give an evaluation time for your game.
  • Your trial game can be played over days, weeks or months.
  • Prevents regaining playing time by re-installing your game.
  • Create just one version of your game; uses a license code to unlock it.
  • Use the Documents as a safe location to save data files.
  • Stores persistent data in the registry between game runs for you.
  • Adds 16 additional Drag and Drop Actions you can use.
  • Contains code functions to aid customization.
  • Support for using RegNow Affiliate Marketing System.

Many commercial games offer a 60 minute trial after which the player can only continue playing after purchasing a license code. Implementing a trial which is fair to player and distributor alike can be problematic which is where the Shareware Extension comes in.

The Shareware Extension offers you an easy mechanism to implement such a trial (for however long you decide) using either drag and drop icons or GML code.

Free Extension Download

Download is in an easy to use self-extracting installer wizard which will guide you through the installation but makes no changes to your system.

GM Extension Download

Download includes Installation Guide, Help Manual, Extension and Example games.
(All Our Software is Certified Virus and Spyware Free)

Easy To Use

Adding a Start Trial Action to the beginning of your game is all that is required to instigate a timed trial lasting whoever long you decide. Other actions allow for customization, helping you to integrate the trial seamlessly in your game without messing about with registry settings, code structures, importing resources or external DLL files.

The Extension will not bloat your game with code. Because it consists of pre-compiled code snippets it executes fast and you do not even need to fully understand what it does in order to benefit from its results.

Shareware titles often allow a trial evaluation period but this trial period must be fair to both clients and vendors alike. Offering an evaluation trial period of 30 days on a game title is simply not practical. The Shareware Extension allows you to give your game a maximum accumulative amount of playing time rather than setting a specific cut off date.

The object of offering a free trial is to give the player the chance to evaluate the game. If they like it they can purchase a license code which will unlock the game giving them full access but the trial should be fair on both sides. The trial time allows an accumulative amount of playing time which can be played over days, weeks or months.

When a game with a trial time is first run some registry settings are created to store things like player preferences during different game runs. The time played is also stored in an encoded format. Removing or altering this has the effect of restoring it the next time the game is run.

A player can elect to purchase and enter an unlock code which removes the timed trial or they can play (over days, weeks or months) until the trial time expires. Once the trial time expires the player can only purchase and enter an unlock code or exit the game. The name of the key in the Windows registry which holds the time played can be set by the game author as can the amount of time the trial lasts for and of course the game unlock code.

Optional Extras

The Shareware Extension also offers additional optional functionality:

WindowsNT/2000/XP Windows Vista Compatible Windows 7 Compatible
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatibility
    You can now save games in the users documents directory rather than the application folder. With the advent of Windows Vista and Win7 it is no longer possible to save data to the installed applications directories without admin permissions. For software to be Vista and Windows7 compatible Microsoft recommends data to be saved in a sub-directory of the current user's documents directory which the Extension can help you achieve.
  • Use the registry for Persistent Data
    The extension provides an easy mechanism to remember player preferences between game runs by storing data in the windows registry.
  • Detect game version updates.
    Game save files from older versions are seldom compatible, often throwing up obscure errors. Game data contains relative memory address pointers thus changing a resource, adding or removing variables or constants usually renders old game save files as obsolete, often throwing up obscure errors if loaded. The Extension can detect version changes and remove obsolete data before it can be loaded. Players are not keen on losing previous game saves however they are less impressed when a game locks up or crashes.

NOTE: You must have Game Maker Pro Version 7.x or greater to use Extensions

Free Extension Download PC Game Download

Download includes Installation Guide, User Manual, Extension and Example files.
(All Our Software is Certified Virus and Spyware Free)

GM Extension

Shareware Extension Lite and Pro Versions

The Shareware Extension is available in two versions, Lite and Pro. Both versions give unlimited use and offer full functionality. Shareware Extension Lite will display a logo advert splash screen for a few seconds at the start of the game but offers all the functuality of the Pro version at zero cost. You can still sell your games made using Shareware Extension Lite and keep all the profits.

There is no necessesity to upgrade to Shareware Extension Pro however if you are serious about selling your GM8 made games upgrading removes the logo advert splash screen from your games. No one will know youi are using it and it can give a seamless professional look to your games. But that is not all.

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Automated Download Notifications. (Requires a webserver with PHP)
This easy to configure script allows you to receive email notifications when a customer lands upon your product download page, even on HTML pages!

This easy to configure PHP script package can notify you (and any Team Members you select) when someone lands on your product download page, which is usually after someone somone has purchased. This can also alert you if someone accesses it without having purchased. No knowledge of PHP required - Detailed instructions included.

When you upgrade to Shareware Extension Pro:
  • No one will know your trial game uses the extension.
  • Your trial game can be played over days, weeks or months.
  • Prevents regaining playing time by re-installing your game.
  • Unlock code does away with the need for two versions.
  • Use the Documents as a safe location to save data files on all OS.
  • Stores persistent data in the registry between game runs for you.
  • Support for using RegNow Affiliate Marketing System.
  • Plus get FOUR bonuses ABSOLUTLY FREE.
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