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ShuffleBomb2 (RC1) - Free Match 3 Games.

If you like Match 3 type puzzle games we think you will LOVE our new match 3 game, ShuffleBomb2.

Features Music by "DJBonseye"

Are You Good Enough To Reach Level 1,000?

ShuffleBomb2 Match3 Download

Match 3 game rules are simple. The object is to match 3 or more of the same item in a row across or down to remove them from the play field. Clearing the play field allows you to progress to the next level.

ShuffleBomb2 contains hundreds of challenging levels which become progressively harder so it is suitable for all ages. The controls could not be simpler; the mouse moves the mouse pointer and the left button selects an item.

The more items you match in one go, the more you can score and should you make a mistake and find yourself with items you cannot match, there are some bombs at your disposal with which you can remove these items.

Unlike many other Match 3 type games there is no time limit to complete each level as such however, one of the bomb fuses will be lit and will slowly burn down. Once it reaches the bomb, the bomb will become active and start counting down. The faster you complete a level the more bombs you will have at your disposal at the end of the level.

Bonus Items

Some items you match can award you special bonuses. The strategy of the game lies in using these to your advantage. A short demonstration is presented before each of these bonus items are introduced to show what they do and how they can be used to your advantage.

There are NO bonus items which clear the play field for you (as in some Match 3 type games) ShuffleBomb2 makes you work for your score and use your bonus items wisely.

Bonus items include:

  • Golden Coins — Which can be collected to "buy" extra lives.
  • Shuffle Bonus — These shuffle up the remaining items.
  • Dynamite Bonuses — Remove unmatchable items.
  • Bomb Bonuses — Award extra bombs.

ShuffleBomb2 begins with simple levels which progressively get more difficult to solve. As levels are completes new items to match are introduced. Some items can award special bonuses which can either help or hinder your efforts; the skill comes with using them wisely.

The object of the game is to clear the play field of all the items by matching them up to form three or more in a line across or down. The more items you match, the more you can score!

As your skill develops, so the game become a little harder. Initial "Novice" levels display icons of all the different item types remaining on the play field, each with a numeric count of how many of each remain. You will also be awarded 4 bombs at the start of each level which you can use at any time to remove items from the play field


These remove items where they are detonated as well as any item to the left, right, up and down. Although there is no time limit as such to complete each level, one of the bomb fuses will be lit and will slowly burn away as you play. When the lit end reaches the bomb, the bomb will begin a countdown; you can either use it or leave it to fall and detonate.

If you chose not to use the active bomb, when it falls and detonates it will cause the remaining items to become "shuffled up". The number of each item remains unaltered however it can cause you to stop in your tracks to re-evaluate things.

When you progress to "Advanced" status, more icon items exist and the display of the number of each remaining is no longer available to help you. The number of different items to match ranges from seven to 18 however the item types can change from level to level.

"Expert" status is awarded to those who do well and as such, the number of bombs are also decreased. The time the fuse takes to burn is also proportional to your skill — The better you are the less time you will have to rely on your bombs but should you fail to complete a level, so more time will be regained for the next attempt.

Free Download Puzzle Game

Download Size 26.7Mb Free Game Download

ShuffleBomb2 Free Download

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Disk Space 31Mb Free disk space for Install
Sound Any Windows sound device
Graphics Min 1024 x 768 resolution
DirectX Version 8.1 or greater
Controls Standard 2 button Mouse
Skill Type Logic / Hand Eye Coordination
Genre Puzzle Game
Author Noel Dundas — Software4me

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