The Vortex
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The Vortex - Match 3 & Match 2 Games For Windows

The Vortex is spewing out items which threatens to upset the balance of nature. Match 3 the same to send them back from whence they came.

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The Vortex

The Vortex is spewing out items and causing abnormal weather patterns to emerge. By matching 3 or more items the same horizontally or vertically you can send them back from when they come before the weather turns against you.

Selecting an item on the playfield causes it to pulsate. Selecting another causes both items to swap places but only adjacent items can be swapped. Moves which fail to match cost you one Swap however additional Swap Bonuses are on offer for clearing a stack and for multiple matches.

Beware of the lightning storms or running out of Swaps!

Your task is to clear the playfield by matching all items, thus sending them into the Vortex back to where them came before the weather turns against you.

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The Playfield

The playfield consists of 8 rows of items, each column of which contains a further number of items waiting above to fall. Items which are matched are removed from the playfield thus allowing any above to fall. If these also match other items then these too will be removed. Clearing a column of additional items awards a Bonus Swap and clearing a column of all items causes other columns to move together to fill the gap. Clearing all items of one type ensures the can't come back however the Vortex will spew additional items should you be left with just one or two of an item type.


Initial levels begin with 12 columns containing 6 different item types. The number of different types is increased as each level in completed up to a maximum of 9. The number of additional items above each column is also increased but so too is the time permitted to complete the challenge; the more items to match the more time is given.

Bonus Challenge

A Bonus level is on offer each time 3 main levels are completed. The bonus playfield consists of 3 rows of items at the top which you match by firing a projectile towards from the bottom of the screen. Upon contact all matching items are removed and a bonus score awarded based upon the number of matches.

The Vortex produces a new row of items when the gauge reaches zero but only items types which exist are produced; clearing all items of one type ensures they can't come back and rewards you with a bonus.

Unlike the main levels no score or life is lost on failure but an extra life is awarded on success.

Vista Compatible Vortex Works with Windows 7
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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System....
Skill Type.................
Windows2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7,8 &10
Any Windows® Compatible Sound Device
1024x768 resolution or greater
Version 9.1 or greater
Standard Computer Mouse / Touch screen
Logic / Hand Eye Coordination / Memory

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