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The Vortex

The Vortex Source is the FULL GAME SOURCE CODE with extensive documentaion spanning 67 pages to assist you when customizing it. As supplied it is a complete game in its own right however you will undoubtedly want to apply customizations to turn it into your game.

The Vortex contains not one but two puzzle type games offering an almost unlimited number of levels. Match 3 in a line games (Bejeweled®) and Match 2 (Collapse® and Bubble Bobble®) type games are extreamly popular however these game types are seldom as simple to create as they appear.

The Vortex Source changes all that! It not only contains all the mechanics for both game types but it also offers some quite advances fearures — and offers an easy way to use them too. It also explains how things work so you can learn new techniques while creating your own game from it which is a double benefit.

You no longer need to be an Expert with GM Studio to create a quality game!

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Just look at some of the key features built into this game which your games could benefit from.

Key Game Features

Main Menu (Mouse or Touch Screen) Options Menu (Mouse or Touch Screen)
Game Pausing Game Saving & Loading
Room Transition Effects Custom High Score System
Custom Messages & Question Boxes Cross-Platform Compatibilty
Custom Fonts Using Sprites Virtual Keyboard Included
Support For Widescreen & Normal Displays Extensive (50+page) Documentation.

Many games use game specific game loading and saving and the Vortex Source is no different. The saving, loading and file handling concept used by the Vortex Source can be a little complex to grasp initially. It is designed to offer maximum device compatibility, small data file sizes and uses MD5 File Verification to minimum risk of files being altered or hacked from causing game crashes.

Despite the complexity, it is designed with flexibilty and ease of use in mind.

Some features are cosmetic to the game itself. Individually they add little but when combined they can enhance the overall game appeal, give a more polished look to your game and help to give the player a better playing experience.

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As supplied the Vortex Source comprises of a fully working game which by changing simple things enables you to create your very own unique game rivaling even some commercial titles. Many of the more complex operations have already been calculated and implemented but it really comes into its own when you change its theme.

Many commercial titles use the same game mechanics as a basis from which to create variants (sometimes called Sagas) and the Vortex Source endeavors to make this as easy as possible. You don't need to be a coding daemon or GML expert to create a new theme for the game and the download package contains a example themes and ready made graphics to give you a head start or gain ideas from.

The Vortex game has a fancy vortex type effect to enhance its game theme which might not be to everyone's taste however the effect is not crucial to the game; the game will work well enough without it.

Changing the theme is not hard and gives the game a new look. The Egyptian Theme (supplied with the package) comprises of a few background images and a couple of new items sprites. The image right shows the same game but with a different item sprite and a new background. Essentially it remains the same game and all other aspects remain the same. It will still allow all the usual functions but with a completely new look.

  Egyptian Theme

Some images are also supplied which can be used to create a sporting theme. The illustration right shows a sports field as the background image and a selection of different type balls are used as the items to match.

The default Vortex theme and Egyptian theme both use uniform shaped items to match however the ball set in the sports theme also has oval football shapes. The game mechanics however remains the same.

  Sports Theme

Resources and Copyright

All resources supplied are either Royalty Free or were created explicitly for this project. As such you are free to use them howsoever you wish without credit or acknowegement. You can use the basic source code to create any number of games and even sell them as commercial titles and keep all profits. Note that these Rights of Use are not exclusive; you cannot claim copyright infringement for their use by others.

Advanced Authors

Those more conversant with Game Maker Studio® and GML (Game Maker Language) can make further customizations by altering some of its coding or adding new objects. The Vortex Source contains two game types which are revisited with increased difficulty however it is entirely possible to add more puzzles.

Every effort has been made to make customizing the game as painless as possible yet remain flexible. Some of its functionality seems quite complex however using it is often a lot easier than it may appear

Built-in Functionality
Room Transitions
    Gentle fade out and fade in room transitions are easilly implimented. Instead of moving to another room or even restarting the current room you simply need to create an instance of a fade out object, pass it a target room to go to and it will do the rest.
Custom High Score System
    The high score sysem allows you to store three sets of data against each of the ten top scores. The system is essentially "script driven" so simply going to the high score room with a score greater than zero is generally all that is required. The headings and data types displayed can be altered by simply editing a script and its backround sprite replaced but advanced users can alter its display layout.
Widescreen Support
    Games for normal 4:3 ratio displays seldom look as nice when using a widescreen (letterbox) display. The Vortex Source Code contains a script which can alter the settings of each room to accomodate Widescreen or Normal displays without graphic distortions or image stretching. It can apply these settings to any additional rooms you add, you could force Widescreen only or turn off Widescreen support entirely - all by altering one setting!
Game Saving and Loading
    This is usually game specific and often gives authors the biggest headaches. The Vortex Source contains some quite advanced techniques and although its concept can be difficult to first grasp it is largely "Script Driven" and designed with ease of use in mind.
File Saving Conventions
    The Vortex Source Code complies with file saving limitations imposed by some platforms. It also uses MD5 file verification to help prevent loading any externally altered files which might cause the game to crash. Files saved are designed to be lean, efficient and difficult to tamper with.
Custom Message Boxes
    The Vortex Source Code contains its own message objects which can be customized to match the theme or style of your game. These include timed messages, messages requiring user confirmation and even those offering the player a choice of options. None of these block the client device the game runs on and unlike the Ascyncronous Events won't lose game focus when being displayed.
Virtual Keyboard
    The Vortex Source Code contains its own virtual keyboard which can accept user input by mouse or touch or from a physical keyboard as well if one is present. Game execution does not halt pending user input, making it more cross-platform compatible than most.
Extra Resources
    Although the Vortex game is a complete game you will undoubtedly want to make your own changes and possibly give it a new theme. The Vortex Source is packages with some additional bonus resources you can use to give you a head start and ideas. You are not confined to using any these and can mould the game any way you see fit. Changing a game's theme changes its appeal.
    The Vortex Source comes with an extensive 50 pageplus Instruction Manual to help even novice GM: Studio users to turn it into a materpiece of their own creation. As well as detailing how to customize its various components it endevours to explain how it all works in an easy to understand manor.

Note: Game Maker Studio® Professional or Master Collection is Required.

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