Wonder Worm
Snake Game - Freeware

Wonder Worm V 2.0.1 (RC1) Freeware


Wonder Worm takes the classic Windows snake game to the next level.
Eat the fruit to grow your worm and unlock the exit but avoid obstacles like
walls and trees or running into yourself.

Scorpions and Rats will eat you if they can but you can thwart them
by throwing fireballs at them.

Wonder Worm

Wonder Worm Windows PC Game

From Software4me

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Wonder Worm is based on the classic Windows Snake Game. Eat the fruit to grow your body but avoid solid obstacles like walls and trees or running into yourself. The exit is unblocked when all the fruit is eaten.

Wonder Worm has 7 worlds to explore, each of which contains several levels. The first world consists of 5 trainer levels which can be used as practice levels or skipped to play the game for real. Completing the last level in each world give access to a bonus level and also unlocks the levels in the next world.

Scorpion Watch out for the Scorpions and Rats! Rat

Later levels introduce scorpions and rats, both of which are partial to a meal of worm. Wonder worm is immune to the sting of a scorpion but not to its sharp pincers. Rats are more intelligent than scorpions and can sniff out a meal even from behind. Both scorpions and rats will try to intercept you in their quest for a tasty meal. Wonder worm will survive so long as a few body segments remain. Should a rat or scorpion eat part of your body you will need to eat more fruit in order to unlock the exit.

Free Game Download
(Size 23.5Mb)
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Worlds to Explore .

Each world contains ever challenging levels and there is also an initial set of trainer levels to ease you in gently. For the more experienced there is a level selector to allow you to skip to more advanced levels. Scores and lives remaining from the initial trainer levels are not carried forward to the main game.

Bonus Levels

There are also bonus levels on offer which are not available from the level selection menu. These bonus levels enable you to increase your score and gain an extra life without fear of losing a life even if failed.

Worm Puzzle Game Objective

Your worm must move forwards and cannot stop. As you change direction, so your body follows and each time you gobble a piece of fruit so your body grows. Once all the fruit has been eaten the exit becomes unblocked. Colliding with solid items or running into yourself, a scorpion or a rat causes you to lose a life.

Minimum Specifications
Operating System Windows2000 or greater
Memory 30Mb Free disc space for Install
Sound Any Windows® Compatible Sound Device
Graphics 1024 x 768 Minimum Resolution
DirectX Version 8.1 or greater
Controls Keyboard or Mouse
License Freeware (No Sponsor Ads)
Author / Publisher Noel Dundas / Software4me
Install Type Install and Uninstall

100% Freeware
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Vista Compatible Works with Windows 7

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  • Click on the download link below and select SAVE if prompted to open or save.
  • Navigate to WWormSetup.exe and double click to run the setup wizard.
  • The Wonder Worm Setup Wizard will guide you through the installation.
Free Worm Game
Download Size 23.5Mb
Free Game Download

  Green tick No advertising splash screens
  Green tick No hidden extras during installation
  Green tick No Spyware, Adware or Viruses
  Green tick Includes full uninstall


  • Open the Control Panel and select Add Remove Programs
  • Scroll down the list to locate Wonder Worm
  • Double click it and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Uninstalling will also remove any game save files created by the game
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