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Welcome to Software4me

Software4me offers you free Full Version Games you can play free gratis without sign-up or membership. Some titles are also available for you to play on-line, allowing you to test them out before deciding whether to download them. For those interested in creating their own games and software, there are also utilities and resources available for download, many of which may be used Royalty Free.

All our software is Guaranteed virus and spyware free. No additional products, such as toolbars or virus scans, are bundled with them. Plus, since most tiles are offered free, there is no registration or membership requirement. You do not even need a Google Play account to download the Android versions; how cool is that!


Games for Windows

Most games will happily run on most currently supported Windows versions without the need for specialist hardware (such as high-end graphics cards or controllers).

Every effort has been made to ensure the games we offer will happily run on minimum specifications PC systems without the need of additional or special hardware, such as game controllers or joysticks. They are designed to be compatible with most versions of Windows from WindowsXP onwards. (Microsoft ended their support for WindowsXP in April, 2014, making it unsupported.)

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Note: Whilst users of Linux based operating systems can use Wine (a layer to run Windows apps on Linux based machines), there is no guarantee the applications in this section will work correctly, or indeed run at all.

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Android Games

Games for Android

These games are either specifically created for Mobile / Portable devices (Phones and Tablets) or have been adapted to suit. Whilst it is possible to connect accessories to some devices (such as keyboards, controllers etc), these games utilize only what the device offers as standard for control.

Many mobile/portable devices run on the Android Operating System but, since there is no standard regarding screen size, screen resolutions or even the number of pixels per inch, please keep in mind that quality and usability will vary. Whilst high-end tablets and phones offer greater performance, every effort has been made to make these game compatible with low-end devices to ensure maximum reach

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Android Games
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Online Games

Online Games

Sometimes referred to as Internet Games, these allow you to play a game on a variety of systems / devices from anywhere you have an Internet connection, usually without having to install anything. They rely upon your system / device already having the necessary technology installed, namely, a compatible up to date web-browser. Different systems offer different browsers with varying capabilities so these games cater for only the most common.

Important Note: These games are offered free however, some Internet providers charge for bandwidth usage and Phone companies for Data usage.

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Utilities and Resources

If you are into creating any type of software, you will undobtedly require some form of resources, be it sounds, graphics or icons. Whilst you could create your own from scratch, it is often far simpler to use roalty-free resources initially.

Whilst writing software of any description it is often the 'silly things' which can interrupt the workflow. A bleep or click sound, a texture or graphic to use as a placeholder or even an animation sequence.

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